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Gee, I hope this works

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hey! I made this community because I realised that there wasn't a great outlet for people that are into web comics, well there are other communities, but i dunno i just wanted someplace thats more personal. a little cozy o comic community :). I just want somewhere where everyone can talk about comics with other people that love them; because I also realise that its REALLY hard to find people to talk to in your area, or at least it is here. Ok So if you want to join just apply or whatever and on your first post just fill this out for fun, you wont be evaluated and pretty much everyone will be accepted just not people who are only joining to post rude stuff or anything, it'd be cool if this was positive too :)

Comic Site (if you have one):
Favorite Comic:
Other Comics you read:
How you got into Comics:
How did you hear about OComics:
Picture (optional):

Thanks you guys! I hope this turns into something quite awesome :)

Feel free to send me some to get started
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or to link this community on your site or LJ: